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Thursday, September 07, 2006

'No' Means Yes (To Breasts)

Bon vivant Philip Dawdy has a great column up in the Seattle Weekly on a referendum challening the city's arcane strip-club rules.
The Planning Commission's argument may not have gone over well in quasi-suburban West Seattle and Phinney Ridge, but in neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, the reaction has been more like "bring 'em on." That can happen only if Referendum 1 succeeds. In this case, a "Yes" vote means you like Nickels' nanny-state rules; while "No" means you're happy with the relatively tame status quo. Killian points to polling his strip-club funded group, Seattle Citizens for Free Speech, has done, which shows that 72 percent of Seattleites are fine with the idea of strip clubs operating within the city limits (the poll doesn't get into how stringent a set of rules strip clubs should adhere to).
My friend's parents just moved in to one of the plum downtown towers Dawdy refers to in his piece, and so I find his most enduring point to be that strip clubs don't wreck the area around them, as critics often claim. Learn why here.

I'd previously noted the idiocy of Seattle's titty-bar regulations here.