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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No Way This Plan Backfires

The ONDCP continues to break ground in the highly competitive field of government propaganda, as it becomes the first cabinet level government agency to release videos onto YouTube. An agency best known for its ability to do a little with a lot of money, I give them credit for finally finding a cost effective way to brainwash American youth. Here is what John Walters had to say about it, from the official ONDCP press release with my comments in parenthesis.
"Over the past several years there has been an explosion in the number of Americans using emerging technologies to publish their views, learn about important issues, and to communicate with each other (kinda scared by that John?). We know that in order to remain effective communicators (or propagandist, whatever you prefer) in this new information age, public institutions must adapt to meet the realities of these promising technologies. We hope that citizens, community leaders, and parents will use these new tools to learn more about what their government is doing to reduce the harms drugs cause and how they can join us in our efforts to make America safer."

Blogs, YouTube, podcasts…. Is there anything John Walters can’t do? I say great, put as many of those ridiculous spots out in the public forum as possible. The more access people have to these ads, the easier it is to rightfully mock and debunk the silliness of the lies that make up this war.

Full AP article here and the ONDCP YouTube site here. Have some fun with the videos.