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Friday, September 15, 2006

Remember When The Worst Thing Computers Did Was Beat Up on Gary Kasparov?

Sure, losing to a computer was humiliating for the chess grandmaster. Flash forward almost a decade, and computers are now being used to hand out death sentences in China.
Criminals in China face being sent to the firing squad by a computer after the introduction of a software programme to help decide the sentences handed out by courts.

Judges are using computers equipped with a sophisticated legal database as an aid to determining punishments for 100 different crimes including robbery and rape by tapping in details of the crime and the mitigating circumstances.

The programme – nicknamed “penalty calculator” - then flashes up its recommended sentence on crimes including murder and stealing state secrets, which are punishable by death by firing squad in the communist nation.


The death penalty can be given for 68 offences in China, including, bigamy, stealing petrol and tax evasion - and even computer hacking.
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I'm sure some would say HOMELAND SECURITY is already doing this same thing with a DATABASE, too, and so there's nothing untoward going on. I'd beg to differ.