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Monday, September 11, 2006

Royal Bitch Mad I Called Her Royal Bitch

I occasionally get fan mail. Usually it's of the "you're the best libertarian blogger in the world, so much better than Baylen, would you like to do my sister" variety. But sometimes it is a cry baby who has taken offense at something I said. The latest complaint - and I'm weeks late on this - comes from Sandra Phipps, an activist who is trying to pass legislation that would create a federal marriage database to help catch bigamists. I made a case against this proposed "Do Not Marry" list back in July; and by "made a case" I mean I attacked an emotionally vulnerable woman to give you something fun to read during lunch (you're welcome). An excerpt:
First, I think it's clear that Sandra Phipps is a royal bitch, which might explain why her husband spent so much time with another woman. Second, I fail to see why I should have to pay (both in taxes and in loss of civil liberties) for her bad choice in men. Finally, I do think marrying a 2nd (or third) person without fully informing all those involved is fraud, and people who commit it should be punished. Of course, a good case can be made that having two wives is punishment enough.
Phipps responded to my post via e-mail in late August when I was on vacation:
I welcome Cicero's opposition to the bigamy victims' push for a National Marriage Database; we are entitled to our opinions about such matters, which is what makes this country so great. However, there is absolutely no need for juvenile, bully-like name calling, which borders on libel. I haven't even met this apparent-young man. Cicero's statement speaks volumes about him, for name calling certainly reveals psychological immaturity.

If Cicero had bothered to read anything about me, he would know that my ex-serial bigamist, con man, Ed Hicks, spent his adult life marrying women, having seven confirmed marriages and four that overlapped. He forced women into bankruptcy, drugs, homelessness, and even abandoned his first-born son. That is just the tip of the iceberg--all of which he kept secret--while working as a civil employee for the Department of Defense with a SECRET security clearance. And there are many more men and women out there just like him.

Furthermore, had Cicero done any research, he would have known there are men bigamy victims also. He would have realized that this is not my petition. The petition was authored by Donna Layne Roberts, victim of con man, serial bigamist, William Michael Barber, who married at least12 times. I am helping her via my blog, Fighting Bigamy. Albeit the author of the CQ Weekly article to which Cicero refers did a poor job conveying that fact.

As a 50-year old former high school teacher who taught her students and her son to respect their elders, I would suggest that Cicero research a bit before he sits down at his keyboard and try keep the name calling confined to playtime with his sandbox friends.

Sandra Phipps

cc: Herbert S. Rosenblum, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Alexandria, VA
Donna Layne Roberts, author of the Petition for a National Marriage Database, Carlsbad, NM
Sandra baby, your ex-husband is a prick. But you need to let the idea of federal legislation go. It's not healthy. Not for your emotional health. Not for the health of our free society. And not for the health of the many women who will be lulled into a false sense of security by such a database. No law will ever protect you - or other women - from wicked people who prey on other people's hearts. I don't dispute that I'm juvenile and immature; but I'm not so immature as to get back at people who have hurt me by getting the government involved in other people's lives. Seriously, stop lashing out at our privacy rights and pocketbooks. Move on. Find a good man. Or a good woman. Or a good man and woman. There are many honest, compassionate, and beautiful people out there to share your life with. Don't waste the next five years of your life trying to pass legislation. You will regret it. Let go. Find the beautiful things in life. You can read these - and other tips - in my forthcoming self-help book, "Just Get Over It Already."