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Monday, September 18, 2006

Self-Loathing "Feminists" Strike Again

Why is it that so many self-proclaimed feminists are staunchly anti-women? For instance, witness the women who are joining Christian conservatives in supporting legislation passed by the California legislature that prohibits women from selling their own eggs for stem-cell research.
Emily Galpern, reproductive health and human rights director for the Center for Genetics and Society, said her fear is that without the legislation, poor and minority women would be exploited for their eggs.

While the group expresses some concern that women who sell their eggs for in vitro fertilization are being exploited, it notes that those donors tend to be white, well educated and well paid - often between $5,000 and $50,000 because of their perceived elite genetic material.

Stem cell researchers, in contrast, are seeking eggs only as a vehicle for someone else's DNA so all viable eggs can be used, regardless of class or race. That, critics contend, will inherently prompt researchers to turn to poorer women, who may disregard the risks because of their need for the cash.
I think it's obvious that Emily Galpern is racist, as is the Center for Genetics and Society (which describes itself as a pro-choice organization, even though it opposes the right of women to make their own choices). They clearly think black women are too stupid to make decisions about their own bodies. So stupid, in fact, that white legislators need to pass laws controlling their bodies. Why not just change their name to Center for a New Jim Crow? I don't think I'm being too harsh here. So-called feminists who treat women like children need to be called on their sexist behavior, especially when their concern is that poor, black women are too stupid to be in charge of their own lives.

Kerry Howley has a fantastic article on egg selling in Reason's latest issue (buy it now). I'm not sure if that's her stomach featured on the cover, but I rubbed one off on it anyway. In my defense, I don't think she would mind.

Via Hit & Run.