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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Standing Tall or Ducking Responsibility?

It's hard out there for Republicans right now. So hard that some are starting to break ranks on the Iraq war. Of course, when Republicans actually try to do something good they almost always make matters worse (evidence: everything they've done over the last ten years). That's why I have a hard time getting enthused about a proposal by Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA), a vulnerable Pennsylvania Republican and the second-ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee.

The resolution would express the sense of the House that military commanders should put in place a system of criteria to assess the capability of Iraqi security forces. Once those criteria are met, the mission in Iraq would be considered complete and the president could begin withdrawing troops.


The resolution is a bold step and goes farther than what many Democrats have advocated. Earlier this year, 37 Senate Democrats voted for a resolution that instructed the president to speed up the transition of U.S. forces to a "limited presence", but still left the timetable for withdrawal firmly in the president'’s power. The Democratic amendment did not go so far as to empower generals to set criteria for departure.
I welcome any discussion on getting the hell out of Iraq, but leaving the final decision to unelected generals is a dereliction of Congressional duty.