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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What You'll Find in the Series of Tubes

In no particular order...

Screech still might lose his house, but at least he's going out in style with a sex tape. And it's a threesome, no less. [Defamer]

Cartoon bunnies act out classic movies in 30 seconds. [The Age's Last Laugh]

Skip Oliva coins and defines Okiefascists, then he sacks them. While we're at it, his take on the jailed San Francisco Chronicle reporters is spot-on. [Mises]

Ricky Gervais: one-time member of the Human League? [1500 Videos (Scroll to "R")]

Anthony Bourdain on Singapore [NYT]. Get the goods on how to get his new book. For free. [Jerry Brito]

Philip Dawdy on Seattle's city-funded strip club, and news on the city's smoking ban. [Seattle Weekly]

Bill Simmons and the Longest. Chat. Ever. [ESPN]