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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Women With Acne Are Oppressed

Disfiguring acne is cured by Accutane, which is a miracle drug to those who suffer from severe acne. Accutane can also result in deformities of children whose mothers take the drug. So the FDA and Congress have forced women and girls (age 11 and upward) to subscribe to a regimen of birth control and pregnancy tests in order to be able to have access to the drug. Here is what girls and women must do to be eligible to cure their acne.
Before the first dose:

· Start using two forms of program-approved contraception 30 days before the first dose, or state in writing that they will be continuously abstinent during the course of treatment and for 30 days afterward.

· Have two negative pregnancy tests, one of which must be performed in an approved lab.
· Take an iPledge quiz about contraception, birth defects and use of the drug.

Monthly during treatment:

· Use both forms of birth control together without fail.
· Have a pregnancy test in an approved lab.
· Take a quiz about what to do if contraception fails.

After the last dose:

· Use both forms of contraception for a month, because the drug remains in the bloodstream.
· Take another quiz.
· Undergo a final pregnancy test after the last dose and again 30 days later.
Do they make lesbians also take two forms of birth control?