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Monday, September 25, 2006

Wouldn't the Government Be More Justified in Forcing Us All to Join the Cult?

Just how stupid do the authors of a new study tying membership in the Alcoholics Anonymous cult to a decrease in the murder rate think we are? Suffice to say, the word "extremely" comes to mind, as this out-of-left field conclusion they drew makes clear:
...government officials might want to reduce drinking rates and, presumably, violence by raising taxes.

"Right now, in Canada, beer is typically taxed at a lower level than wine and thus is more economical to purchase with respect to its alcohol content (to) price per volume of alcohol," he said.

"By making beer more costly we might have some aggregate impact on consumption patterns and, in turn, the negative consequences associated with its use."
More here.

You shouldn't have to wonder why that won't work, but if your brain is functioning as poorly as mine is today, check out The Independent's review of Taras Grescoe's fascinating book The Devil's Picnic, specifically the bit about Grescoe's experience in Norway.