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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

At Least They're Not Doing Vodka Enemas

In college we had this rule: if you accidentally spilled your drink, you had to snort what you spilled up your nose. Any time someone spilled their drink, we would tell them that this was the "house rule". No one was ever stupid enough to do it, except our friend Beth. She snorted beer, vodka and other alcohol up her nose all the time. She probably lost a lot of brain cells. Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to her. She's probably working for the Bush Administration. Anyway, this kind of drug-crazed madness flattening of the landscapes of one's heart is a rite of passage for some. Which obviously means the regulators need to ban it.

Bar owners in the U.K. say that some young drinkers have taken to snorting vodka in order to get drunk more quickly, the BBC reported Oct. 20.

According to the Alcohol Problems Advisory Service in Derby, England, some bar patrons are snorting vodka through straws or thin glass tubes. "It will get you drunk more quickly than drinking vodka, which of course is why some people do it, but over time it will damage your nose," said the group's Nick Tegadine, who urged alcohol outlets and authorities to ban the practice.

Tegadine also said that vodka is being sold in thin tubes that allows users to inhale spirits like nose drops. "It's not a very nice thing to do ... and when you're collapsed on the floor you certainly do not look very clever," he said. "It's hopefully a passing phase but it will pass much more quickly if the club owners act responsibly, police and trading standards get together and say this is a bad idea don't do it."

Hat tip to TtP reader Davey Allday, who has probably put Campari up his nose - and his ass.