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Monday, October 30, 2006

Ban Piercings! And Also Maybe Breasts!

An 18 year old diabetic girl who had "[H]er breasts pierced for her 18th birthday" (wait - her breasts? We mean nipples, right? RIGHT?) had her left breast surgically removed last week.

While the piercing didn't cause the necrotizing fasciitis infection in and of itself, it provided an entry point for the bacteria. The girl's status as a diabetic contributed to her suceptibility to infection.

This is only the third documented case of boob gangrene in the world.

$20 says the fine people of Crawfordsville, Indiana are calling for restrictions on the piercing industry by next week. Sure, the girl was 18. Sure, she knew the general risks and her individual risk as a diabetic before she signed on for the procedure. BUT PLEASE. SOMEONE SAVE US FROM OURSELVES. I'm taking over/unders for those of you who think it'll be the mom spearheading things.