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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Calista Flockhart is Dating a Stinky Homeless Guy

who turns out to be Harrison Ford.
Harrison Ford was reportedly mistaken for a tramp when he fell asleep in girlfriend Calista Flockhart's car. The 64-year-old actor was spotted by security guards having a sneaky nap on the back seat of the vehicle, which was parked on set while Calista was shooting her new TV show Brothers And Sisters.

The two guards telephoned police to have the 'intruder' removed and went and got Calista to tell her what was happening.

A source said: "The guards told Calista some old guy had crawled into her car to go to sleep and that they'd called the cops to have him removed. Just as they were explaining the situation Harrison, looking dishevelled, sat up and asked, 'What's all the commotion?' Calista giggled as the guards apologized, saying they didn't realise it was Harrison."
Nikos raged against the dying of the light of this once bright star a while back.

Via Junkiness. Thanks to Jenny who sent me this story. Extra special thanks to Alan who once paid a homeless man $5 to jerk him off. I don't think it was Harrison Ford, but it might have been.