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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Drink More, Regulate Less

There are a lot of stupid nanny state campaigns that libertarians should oppose. Efforts to stop women from drinking should be at the top of the list. For starters, it's doubtful that many libertarians could get laid without alcohol. More importantly, the real threat to women is male drinking. A point lost on the public health folks concerned about single women going to bars to meet men. The Independent has the latest madness.

Women in England and Ireland are officially the world's biggest binge drinkers, according to a unique study of global alcohol consumption. One in three 17- to 30-year-olds is now classed as a heavy drinker, bingeing on four or more drinks in one session at least once a fortnight. [ed. note: wow. Four drinks every two week. Slow down.]
A new government advertising campaign will this week highlight how drunkenness puts women at risk of sexual assault. Studies show that more than three-quarters - 81 per cent - of sex attack victims have been drinking before being attacked.
Doctors also blame the drinks industry for deliberately targeting women with female-friendly drinks and decor. They want ministers to exercise more control instead of allowing the industry to self-regulate.
So there you have it. Bar owners who put out flowers and wash the floor are to blame for men getting drunk and sexually assaulting women. You know, because if there were no women in bars there would be no problem. I guess there is a kind of Apocalypse Now crystalline, pure genius to it.

I'm getting this story from Reason's Kerry Howley, who had this to say.
Ah yes, female-friendly decor. Little known fact: All women become incapable of resistance at the sight of shiny pink interiors. It's the rohypnol of bar design.