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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Duffee's World

The last two debates — Sunday night's in Westport and Monday night's in Fairfield — were the first (and will be the only) two in which Green Party candidate Richard Duffee participated. Originally I was excited to see him in the mix, the more the merrier, etc. But two nights of listening to his worldview has made me realize just how utterly repugnant the Green philosophy is.

Duffee argues like this: He cites some statistic, then rattles off a list of Third World nations which rank better than the US in that category. Every issue is answered by comparison to someplace else. Only two countries in the whole world spend more than the US on private health care. You see? We're philistines! And that's why we need a single-payer system. Lather, rinse, and repeat for the next debate question.

Duffee's World is one of conspiracy theory on top of conspiracy theory, a web of Bretton Woods Institutions where, at its heart, sits a hungry red-white-and-blue spider. Did you know government abuses stem from our feudal attachment to property rights, which should be abolished? Did you know the only reason India developed nuclear weapons was so the US would respect them enough to give them a seat on the UN Security Council? (Silly me — all these years I thought it had something to do with Pakistan and China.) Did you know making more than $40,000 a year is bad for your health and will literally make you sicker? Did you know we waste our money on luxury goods, money that could be spent ministering to the poor? I'm not sure, in Duffee's World, what we would do with all the time we now fritter away watching NFL on flatscreens and cooking on gas grills and riding on sit-down mowers — read books, see arty movies, hike through the woods. He may be shocked to learn some us already like to do those things and then wash it down afterwards with an expensive drink from Starbucks.

Remember that PJ O'Rourke quote I mentioned a few weeks ago that Greens are just watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside? Remember how I called Duffee a "socialist?" I take that back. I was being too kind. Duffee is a totalitarian thug. The only difference between him and the Abu Ghraib crowd is that he wants to beat on us rather than on foreigners.