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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Hot Kazakh Wife for Borat?

She's a pop star and, as Bryan Setzer (channeling Jerry Lee Lewis in more ways than one) might opine, she's sexy and, um, 13.
SHE’S the best thing to come out of Kazakhstan since BORAT – and she’s about to give him a real run for his money.

Thirteen-year-old MADU is the country’s answer to Madonna.

Already a pop star over there, she’s the complete opposite of what Borat wants us to believe Kazakh women are like.

He says they are all frumps with no brain and fewer rights than stray dogs. But Madu is a pretty brunette, sassy and smart, and has already sold 500,000 CDs in Russia.

And the teen prodigy is heading to the UK soon to sign a massive record deal.
More from The Sun here. Check out her surprisingly good cover of Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere here. Madu as Michelle Malkin here. Cyrillic fan page here.

Also, note that Borat will be a guest writer on The Sun's Bizarre pages tomorrow.