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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Wow. I thought my weekend was out-of-control. Pitchers of beer. Strippers with bullet hole wounds. Xanax-and-pinot-grigio induced sexual shenanigans at a birthday party. But, I just can't match Steve-O:

"Jackass" star Steve-O got kicked out of Tao and the Venetian on Saturday night after an incident where he almost molested a "tub girl." Steve-O jumped into one of the large tubs of water with rose petals in it that dot the club. The vessels also have attractive girls lounging in them.

Steve-O "got naked, jumped in - the woman in the tub ran out - and he p - - - ed in the tub," said our grossed-out insider. "Security booted him."

On a related note, at least one theater has changed "Jackass 2" to "Jackbutt 2" on their marquee.

Both stories via Liz Kelly at Celebritology.