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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry Stuck Between Iraq and Hard Place

It's election season, which for the bumbling John Kerry means hearkening back to the foot-in-mouth days when he was "for it" before he was "against it" -- it being the war in Iraq.
Republicans unleashed a firestorm of criticism Tuesday against Sen. John Kerry after the Vietnam veteran told [Pasadena City College] students they'd "get stuck in Iraq" if they didn't work hard in school.

Kerry later said the remark was a "botched joke" meant to target the president, not U.S. troops.
At a speech later in the day at nearby UCLA, Kerry told students there that if they didn't work hard they'd "get stuck at Pasadena City College."

More here -- including video -- from CNN.

I gave up trying to find the Michelle Malkin post that doesn't mention Kerry's "stuck in Iraq" quote. If this latest snafu dominates the headlines until election day -- as Malkin and others will no doubt attempt to make it do -- this could make it two times Kerry has helped Democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.