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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lame DC Police Go High Tech (And Spend More of Our $$)

The MPD cannot do the basics of police work. This became tragically apparent when Alan Senitt was murdered in Georgetown by a violent trio that had previously committed several armed robberies in the area. The MPD took credit for capturing the suspects in three hours, but they only caught them because they knew who they were and in the three weeks' time from knowing who the armed robbers were did not send any officer to question the suspects.

That should have been a lay-up, but instead somebody died a horrible death because of MPD incompetence.

So to address the problem MPD has gunshot sensors to detect where guns have been fired. This reminds me of the Redskins cornerbacks, who never attempt to deflect a pass and are happy to just to get a tackle afterwards.

MPD also has dozens of cameras around the city to capture crime. Who cares about spending millions, invading privacy and being ineffective to boot?
[MPD Captain] Brito said that police have downloaded images five or six times but that they have yet to find a crime on a recording.
The ACLU adds:
Stephen Block, legislative counsel for the ACLU of the National Capital Area, said cameras do not reduce the crime rate and, at best, just displace criminals.

"Therefore they are a waste of money," Block said.

He estimated that the department could have hired almost four dozen officers with the $2.3 million it spent on neighborhood cameras. "It's a diversion of resources where the money can be better spent," he said.

He said people have the right "not to be spied on."