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Monday, October 02, 2006

Really Stupid Column, Written by a Really Stupid Person

Why link to an abysmal anti-marijuana column written by a bitter loser for a below average college paper? Because it's funny. And it has a comments section following the piece that contains gems like this (emphasis mine, grammatical errors--for once--are not mine)

People can say what they want about college being the time to experiment with drugs and or sex, but the reality is that you are being prepared for a future in society. Go ahead experiment, just dont start selling drugs out of your dorm and you'll most likely do be fine. Do you want an education are fewer brain cells? Not a hard question to answer when youre clean is it.

Excellent, point well made. The article itself is nothing more than a sloppy attempt at a defense for the federal legislation that prohibits financial aid to be given to persons convicted of a drug crime. This law of course has the direct opposite impact that it is intended to have. By taking away the only funding that some have for college you are in fact keeping them from earning a college degree and leading them on a path that has a higher potential of ending with real drug abuse. But keep in mind, these "offenders" who have lost their financial aid are not the real victims. Tell us Niki, who is the real victim?

Who really is the victim here? There are thousands of students who, for whatever reason, do not receive financial aid. I happen to be one of them. I have spent my time here paying my own way. I pay my tuition, my books, my car payment, my cell phone, etc.
Hey, give the girl credit. She did manage to make it all the way to paragraph 7 until she declared herself the victim in all this.

Via StoptheDrugWar. And if you don't check out their Speakeasy, you should start by going here.