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Friday, October 06, 2006

Stick a Fork in Him, He's Done

The second debate in Connecticut's 4th CD was last night, which I chose to sit out. Newspaper report here, with page-time for Maymin deeply buried but filled with the same amazement and wonder toward libertarians I saw on Wednesday. Example:
Maymin again took an unusual position, calling for the federal government to get out of regulating medical care.
He's nutty like that!

I'm convinced the reason Shays was half-crazed in the first debate is because he knows his goose is cooked. From his POV, it was bad enough going into this election with a spread so narrow one poll has him four points ahead and another has Farrell leading by five, all of which is completely due to Iraq. But then he has a serious third-party candidate. I think Maymin can realistically take 3-5 percent (his campaign says he's at 7 in his own polls) -- but it doesn't matter what I think: even 1 or 2 points is beyond Shays' budget. And then a ladle full of gravy and grease on top of everything is Mark Foley, which, if the story has legs to make it another four weeks (and I think it will because it looks like Foley was having real sex in addition to the virtual), means Foley's lust for flesh will transmute into the voters' lust for blood.

Shays is done and he knows it. The hysteria is a mid-life crisis -- he's being downsized after 20 years of faithful service to the company. In the meantime I have to reconcile myself to the fact that Diane Farrell is my new congressperson. Such an action necessitates a good drunkening.

Video of the first debate here and here (tip o' the hat to Naked). The third debate is on Sunday, which will allegedly focus on foreign policy; I'm interested to hear Maymin's thoughts on Iran. I've been told it will be crowded, so if anyone out there is going, go early and fight the crush. My bony elbows will serve me well.