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Monday, October 30, 2006

When Hugging is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Hug

Chinese appear not to have warmed to a "free hugs" campaign aimed at cheering up strangers by hugging them on the street, with some huggers even being hauled away by police for questioning, media said Monday.

The campaign hit the streets of Beijing, Changsha and Xian this weekend, with participants opening their arms to embrace passers-by and brandishing cards saying "free hugs," "care from strangers," "refuse to be apathetic," the Beijing News said.

In the capital, police moved in and took away four huggers briefly for questioning, baffled by their wacky, Western activities on a busy city-center shopping street.

Oh, you crazy Chinese. Seeing conspiracies in everything. Although I have to admit that if someone walked up to me on the street and offered to hug me I would be very suspicious. Unless it was a hot woman. In which cases I would know that this African deer piss I've been putting on my neck really is an aphrodisiac. Of course, even a hot woman wouldn't make up for all the lion maulings I keep suffering.

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