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Thursday, October 26, 2006

When You Can't Win on the Issues, Play the Race Card

That's been the Democratic strategy for many years. I was planning on doing a post today on the uproar over the Republican ad making fun of Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford, but Reason's Jacob Sullum beat me to it. There's nothing the least bit racist about the ad. The controversial white woman in it is exactly the type of woman I would expect to see at a Playboy party. It would have been racist to have searched for a black woman to play the part just because Harold Ford is black. This ad is a good ad. It's funny and effective. That's why Democrats and their allies in the media forced the Republicans to pull it. But, watch the ad and judge for yourself. Let me know what you think. I guarantee you the national media wouldn't be accusing Democrats of being racists if they had ran the same ad against Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele (a black Republican). For more on the media's effort to throw the election to the Democrats see this recent editorial from National Review Online. (Disclaimer: I want the Democrats to take the House, so I'm benefiting from this media bias).