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Friday, October 27, 2006

Which Has Better Odds?

Mark Greer from DrugSense has posted a list of 10 specific steps that need to be taken to "end prohibition as we know it." It an interesting list, (some of the usual stuff mixed with some newer ideas that need more attention from everyone) and worthy of a read. You can read the whole post for yourself here, but I've pulled a few for here--edited for space
1. Grant agronomist Lyle Craker a license to grow medicinal-grade
cannabis at the University of Massachusetts.

Effect: End the federal government's monopoly on growing marijuana to meet the FDA's requirement for an independent, high quality cannabis supply for approved cannabis-based research and product development.

4. Make Afghani opium available to pharmaceutical companies.

Effect: Develop a licensing system so that opium grown in Afghanistan can be legally sold to make narcotic pain relievers, there by alleviating a worldwide shortage of these medications.

5. Defund the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.

9. Develop citizen oversight boards for SWAT squads.
Warning: It can be a roller coaster of emotions when one reaches the end of the list and reflects; coming to the opinion that the odds of checking off the greatest fantasy of any list (having Scarlett Johannson drop a gigantic log on my chest after 4 hours of the most disgusting and dirty sex imaginable) might just have a better chance of becoming reality than any of the useful ideas that Mark Greer has presented. Via Drug WarRant