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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Woodward Becomes Woodward Again

We missed him, that is we Gen X-ers for whom All the President's Men was the first grown-up movie we saw and who believed that any old hard working handsome reporter from Yale and Navy intelligence with a charismatic supporting cast like Ben Bradlee and Katherine Graham could take down the US president. And he is back, not Robert Redford, but Bob Woodward, who just penned an explosive take on the Bush administration.

The beltway talk is all about the NY Times scooping the Wa Post with this story. But the story is, for once, the story.

Some critics say that Woodward is making up for being a shill for the Bush admin with his first two books on Bush and the Iraq War. Maybe he is, but I am glad that he is doing it.

P.S. Classic Washington Moment: My favorite delayed flight at DCA was an early morning weekday flight when there was "weather" in New York and I shared a table near the US Air shuttle gates with Bob Woodward, who was reading the Washington Post.