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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wrestlers for Hastert

Who better to, yes, "go to the mat" to defend House Speaker Dennis Hastert than the wrestlers who love him? Here's Joe Cliffe, president of the Illinois Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association, speaking out on the speaker's behalf in the Daily Southtown.
Denny Hastert has stepped up time and time again for wrestling. Now wrestling and Illinois needs to step up for Denny Hastert. The wrestling community, Illinois and the country must show it support for one of its biggest champions.

Denny Hastert is one of the finest people to ever hold membership in the wrestling community. He was a coach of the 1976 state high school championship Team at Yorkville in Illinois and helped to found the IWCOA. Denny is also a member of the IWCOA Hall of Fame. The United States Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum has recognized Speaker Hastert as a Distinguished Citizen. He has been directly involved in saving or reinstating nearly a dozen college wrestling programs. In spite of responsibilities of unimaginable number and scope as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, he has always found a way to come through for our sport.
More here.

How cool is it that a speaker under fire for missing the boat on the Mark Foley scandal -- which involves a male Member of Congress and high-school age boys -- is here defended on grounds he's a longtime suppporter of a homoerotic sport involving high-school age boys (link, probably worksafe, goes to photos of oily male wrestlers)? Probably not as cool as the possibility Hastert might have attended "a theatrical portrayal of the historic... wrestling match between Abe Lincoln and Jack Armstrong".