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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Apparently Condoms are also a Joke

In what is clearly the best news story of the month, Flavor Flav has announced that he is having his 7th baby. And it's not by the woman who won his heart on the 2nd season of Flavor of Love.
Reacting to the news that Flav was about to have his seventh child, [Tom Joyner of the Tom Joyner Morning Show] said, "Man, you are running out of flavors."

Replied Flav: "I want 10 (children). And one thing I will never do is deny any of my kids."

Asked if he would marry the woman, whom Flav described only as a "shorty in Las Vegas," the rapper said, "I'm not marrying anybody. I'm too young to die."


Asked in September to describe his dream girl, Flav told PEOPLE: "I want a girl who looks good when she wakes up in the morning. We could take her face and dip it in dough and she'll make some nice face cookies. Some girls wake up, man, you could put their face in dough and you'll get a gorilla cookie, for real!"
Mmmm.......gorilla cookies. I put that right up there with koala bear beer on my list of exoctic food and drinks I would love to try.

Awesome two-minute YouTube episode of Inebriated the Koala here. Awesome two-minute YouTube clip of Flavor Flav reading a story to kids here.

Hat tip to Jenny, who has probably aborted more babies than Flavor Flav has.