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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ethanol as a Cause of Inflation and Environmental Destruction

The Examiner today had an article on Tyson Foods that reported how the price of chicken meat is on an upward spiral due to the fact that corn, which is used to feed chickens, is soaring in price because of the government-mandated demand for ethanol, which is corn-based.
"Quite frankly the American consumer is making a choice here. This is either corn for feed or corn for fuel, that's what's causing this," [CEO Richard L.] Bond said.
We know how bad inflation is. But to add ethanol to the fire, the Competitive Enterprise Institute has a thought-provoking paper here about how ethanol is destroying the environment which it is supposed to save.
There are significant trade-offs, however, involved in the massive expansion of the production of corn and other crops for fuel. Chief among these would be a shift of major amounts of the world’s food supply to fuel use when significant elements of the human population remains ill-fed.

Even without ethanol, the world is facing a clash between food and forests. Food and feed demands on farmlands will more than double by 2050...The United States might well have to clear an additional 50 million acres of forest—or more—to produce economically significant amounts of liquid transport fuels...Ethanol mandates may force the local loss of many wildlife species, and perhaps trigger some species extinctions.