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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Final Tally

Marijuana ballot initiatives took a hit on Tuesday with the statewide efforts in South Dakota, Nevada and Colorado all failing. Amendment 44 (otherwise known as that twinkle in my eye) took an extra special beating losing by a 2-1 margin. A full post-mortem can be found here.

Drug WarRant finds the positives in the defeats, here and here. To me (and Pete Guither makes this point) the most important silver lining is the PR the reform movement gets whenever a decriminalization initiative is on the ballot. It's tough to get ordinary people to care enough about drug policy reform and that makes it easy for the feds to perpetuate lies and myths when folks don't care enough to understand what is at stake and what has been the costs of prohibition to our society. So give credit to the people who backed these initiatives for creating a discussion, and a truthful one at that (well..on their end at least) about marijuana and the War on Drugs.