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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How to Color Your "Betty"

Just when you thought American marketing ingenuity couldn't get any better along comes Betty Beauty's Pubic Hair Dying Kits.

Kudos to them for creating a new market. Why can't women, or men, use regular hair dye down there? I have no idea, and that defines a marketing coup. I personally thought that shaving was the big thing but perhaps I am outdated. Or perhaps the new thing is shaving plus coloring.
The whole thing started with Ms. Jarecki's visits to a hair salon in Rome, where she was living three years ago. She noticed as women left the salon, the colorist would discreetly slip them little brown bags. "They would receive it with such delight, kiss kiss, and away they would go," she said.

Curious, she asked the receptionist what the women were getting in those little bags and was told, in Italian, "to match down there."

"I thought, 'Of course, who wouldn't want to be a true blonde?"' Ms. Jarecki said.

And so, another euphemism for the female anatomy is born. In five colors -- Brown Betty, Blonde Betty, Auburn Betty, Black Betty and Fun Betty (hot pink) -- priced at $20 a box. also sells T-shirts that ask: "Is your betty ready?