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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kill the Deer

That picture to the left is blurry because a bull deer in full antlers was grunting loudly and about to charge me, in my own backyard, because I interrupted him raping a doe to the left (unpictured). Wildlife is no Harlequin novel, so feminists please do not come to his defense.

When I first moved to Chevy Chase, DC, near Rock Creek Park, I thought the deer were cute. But the charm wore off quickly and my neighbors say that the phenom of deer in the yard is recent, as the deer propogate beyond the Vatican's wildest dreams of everyone shunning birth control and there being no homosexuals.

My favorite neighbor says the deer pox is the fault of DC gun control laws, as she ought to be able to shoot them in her yard.

Here is a viewpoint which considers both the loss to property owners and the severe damage that they are causing to our treasured Rock Creek Park by eating all of the young tree growth. A related article in the Wa Post details how wildlife out of control can harm the environment just as much as we humans, who have no predators save aliens coming to kill us. Time to get out the shotgun?

Postscript: I just found a deer tick in my hair, a new low. Cicero, do you have a gun? I will provide the beer and food.