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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans Deserved to Lose

Improbably, that was a Wall Street Journal Online headline today. Somehow, while busy throwing bones to lobbyists and the insatiable beast known as the religious right, Republicans let Democrats get to the right of them on fiscal issues. The article (subscription only) reads,
Consider these results from a poll of voters in 12 swing GOP-held congressional districts, conducted by OnMessage Inc. (PDF):

No, these results are not typographical errors:

* When asked which Party they believe would cut taxes for the middle-class 42% said the Democrats while only 29% chose the Republicans.

* When asked which Party will work toward reducing the deficit 47% chose the Democrats while only 22% chose the Republicans.

* Again, when asked who will keep government spending under control the Democrats held a 17 point edge (38% Democrats, 21% Republicans).
Dick Armey said the same thing today on the Diane Rehm show, audio here. (He also said he never uttered the words "Barney Fag" but that is another story.) Perhaps, finally, the Republicans will send James Dobson and the divisive agenda of the religious right back to the fringes, get inspired by the recent flick on Goldwater and recall why they were elected in the first place.