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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rock Creek Deer Now So Domesticated They Use Sidewalk

I was standing in front of my Glover Park apartment last night, taking a break from studying at 2 a.m., having a cigarette, and reading a really good piece by Amy Waldman in The Atlantic, when something caught my attention.

Walking on the other side of the street -- down the sidewalk -- was a pretty large buck. (I don't know how antler points are measured, but he had three or four on each. Does that make him a three or four point, or a six or eight point?)

My natural urge was to a) shoot a photo of him and then b) shoot him. (If he was a doe, I could have taken the piss out of him.) Alas, I was too tired and was carrying neither a camera nor a firearm. So I whistled at him instead, and he looked over. (No, I was not on the sauce.)

He stayed on the sidewalk for another 100-200 yards or so.

Deer aren't unusual in the neighborhood. I spot the same doe and her fawn dining in the woods next to my parking lot at least once a week.

The really cool thing was just watching him casually walk down the sidewalk. If he had a briefcase and commuter mug and a SmarTrip® card in his hoof, and it was daylight, I easily could have mistaken him for someone walking to the bus.

[Thanks to Alan for the piss-extraction tip.]