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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shays Wins, Kuhl So Wrong

Chris "I'm tired of the hate" Shays pulled it out here in CT's 4th, winning over Diane Farrell 51 to 48 percent. The 3 percent spread is 1 point tighter than in 2004. And where's that missing 1 percent? In Phil Maymin's back pocket. I thought he'd score around 3, which doesn't seem unreasonable after examining what other LP candidates landed around the country. Of course, 3 percent seems utterly ridiculous here in the gloom of a gray Connecticut morning.

This just goes to show me what I already knew: polls are totally useless. As I noted last night, the last two polls by Research 2000 and Zogby had Farrell ahead and even TradeSports put her as a solid win around 5pm.

I'd like to ask your forgiveness for my wild prognostications and specious guesswork. Please respect our privacy during this tough period as I spend time with my family. I'd like to remind readers that I am struggling to become an alcoholic and as a child I was inappropriately frightened by a clown.