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Friday, January 26, 2007

Canines, Meth and Opium

I can't read the Drug Czar's blog any more than once or twice a month. Any more than that, and it's the only topic I would be blogging on. It's just too much material.

Case in point. Take a look at the three most recent posts at Fuhrer Walter's blog. Working your down from the most recent we have the ONDCP claiming credit for the decline in meth use methaphetamine. [emphasis mine]
When you push back against the drug problem, it gets smaller.

Check out these dramatic declines in meth use in Montana. (From a Billings Gazette story reporting on a Montana Meth Project report)
Then, from Columbia, the ONDCP commends the bravery of a particular Drug Warrior in that country.
Canine Bravery in Colombia....From Reuters:

"She's had a price on her head since 2004 and a 24-hour guard monitors her food for poisoning. For a 5-year-old, she has made a lot of enemies.

But none of this keeps Agata, a golden Labrador who is one Colombia's best drug-sniffing dogs, from doing her job...
And last, but certainly not the least of the propaganda lies.
Legal Poppy in Afghanistan? ONDCP Sets the Record Straight
First, there is no licit demand for Afghanistan's enormous supply of opium, currently more than 90 percent of the world's illicit market and almost double the world's entire licit production requirement. The United Nations reports a current global oversupply of opium-based products from existing licit producers. Pouring vastly more legal opium into the world system would cause prices to plummet, making the illicit trade that much more attractive to farmers.
The Washington City Paper debunks the meth epidemic (mostly focused on the DC area), here. Anne Applebaum's column from the Post advocating opium licensing, here. The Senlis Council on the same issue, here, with their round-up on Afghanistan, here.