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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Carrot Top or Carrot Bottom?

I can think of only one reason why "comedian" Carrot Top has become all buff and shit. He has finally realized what his mother, friends, and the entire world already knows: he's gay. Jesus, he's gay. Only gay men have bodies like that. Yes, I'm calling socialized-medicine-supporting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gay.

Seriously. The Governator claims to be a big fan of Milton Friedman and then calls for socialized medicine only weeks after the economist dies. That's gay. Not good gay, like Denzel Washington going down on me. But bad gay. You know, gay gay. Like how Scientology is gay. Or like that time your mother called your friend'’s house and asked him to remind you to take your constipation medicine. That was like so gay.

More pictures of a buff Carrot Top here.

Thanks Jenny for, uh, not being gay. Although you should consider it. Since women are like so much hotter than men. Of course, they're also sappy and volatile, which is like really gay. So maybe you should just stick with the cock. You already had 500, what's a few more. Ooooh. Zing.