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Monday, January 29, 2007

Creative Restauranteurs Beating Chicago's Foie Gras Ban

Chicago restauranteurs can't sell foie gras anymore, so they're giving it away instead.
After a second complaint about foie gras being served at Bin 36, 339 N. Dearborn St., the city's Department of Public Health recently inspected the restaurant, said department spokesman Tim Hadac.

But foie gras is not for sale on the menu, so the restaurant was not cited, Hadac said.

In all, eight restaurants and a deli have been sent warning letters, but none has been fined, Hadac said.

Foie gras is not sold at Bin 36 but is available, said chef de cuisine Craig DiFonzo, as he peeked outside at the protesters.

They were surrounded by television cameras, including a crew from France, where curiosity about the Chicago ban is apparently high.

"It's an item given away, complimentary," DiFonzo said. "We don't believe in the ban."
More here. In other food news, does anyone know where I can get me a helping of Barbaro?

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