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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm a Glass Half-Full Kind of Guy, So I Would Love a Free Hair Cut from Brazilian Thugs

I'm sure there is lots of real international news Reuters could be reporting on, such as reporting on the rumor (started here, right now) that Venezuelen President Thug Hugo Chavez is having a sexual affair with Fidel Castro, but I enjoyed this "news" story anyways.
In a new twist in Rio de Janeiro's crime annals, scissor-wielding thieves clipped off the long, flowing locks of a 22-year-old Brazilian woman as she rode in a city bus.

We got on at the same stop and they sat behind me," sales assistant Mirna Marchetti said. "Then all of a sudden I felt someone pulling my hair. My friend tried to help me but they just cut it off, right at the base.


Marchetti's hair was dark, straight and reached down to her waist. She said she had not cut it for four years. Police suspect the thieves hope to sell the hair to a hairdresser

Chavez's latest antics, to put it very mildly, here and here.