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Monday, January 22, 2007

It Shouldn't be a Crime to Run Around Town Unbathed Telling People to "Burn in Hell"

Ok, I dislike the homeless as much as the next guy. As long as the next guy isn't a liberal do-gooder who believes that drinking all day and refusing to get a job is some how society's fault. But just because someone pisses their pants and eats things out of the trash doesn't mean they don't have rights. In fact, they have the same rights as the rest of us, which includes the right to lay around on the streets drinking 40s yelling "I like your booty, girl" (not that I do that, I prefer scotch to 4o ounces). So when the owner of a ritzy antique shop in New York sues the homeless for, uh, being homeless my panties definitely get in a bunch.

Karl Kemp, owner of the posh Karl Kemp & Associates Antiques, Ltd. on Madison Avenue, sued three men and a woman for $1 million earlier this month, alleging they scare away customers when they drink alcohol, urinate and warm themselves above a heating duct in front of his shop.

Kemp's suit, filed in state Supreme Court, also seeks an order to keep them 100 feet away.


Dace Kins, who was visiting the posh Upper East Side shopping area from Chicago on Thursday, called the issue "a sad situation on both sides."

"It would be wonderful if the city could do something for them so they wouldn't have to be out in this freezing weather," Kins said.

People who worked in nearby stores were less sympathetic, saying that one of the men can usually be found on the grate cursing at passersby.

"He says a lot of things to people," said doorman Shakeem Hodge. "To me he says, 'Burn in hell.'"

This case is reminiscent of the effort in DC, led by liberal do-gooders, to rid the streets of prostitutes because it's driving down their property values and making them too stressed out to drink their $5 lattes at the neighborhood Caribou Coffee. Note to middle-class and rich people: you don't own the world. Let the homeless pee on the street in front of your store. Hell, pay them to pee on your competitor's store if you want. But don't waste taxpayer dollars suing them for doing something you don't like. New York wouldn't be New York without a bum in front of expensive stores reminding us all that there's more to life then buying stuff, like warning our fellow citizens about the ability of the CIA to read our minds.