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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's About Time I Started Visiting New Continents Anyways

Since the EU may ban smoking.
An EU-wide ban on smoking in public spaces could be put in the pipeline after the European Commission on Tuesday (30 January) launches a debate on whether to introduce a piece of smoke-free legislation binding on all member states.

EU health commissioner Markos Kyprianou is to issue a so-called green paper that takes a favourable view of the examples set by Ireland, Italy, Malta and Sweden on public smoking.

There are two options laid down in the commission's paper, seen by EUobserver.

A most stringent approach envisages "a total ban on smoking in all enclosed or substantially enclosed workplaces and public places, including means of public transport".

Restrictions could also be extended to "outdoor areas around entrances to buildings and possibly to other outdoor place where people sit or stand close to each other, such as open air stadiums, bus shelters or train platforms", the paper says.

The second option—and "a less effective one" according to the commission's paper—proposes "exemptions granted to selected categories of venue", e.g. hospitality establishments that do no serve food.
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