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Sunday, January 28, 2007

John Hawkins Steps In It

As one could expect, John Hawkins shoddy piece at Human Events "In Defense of the Drug War" has been met with smart responses from around the web. To be honest, I had and still have the same opinion of Radley Balko about the piece. It is so silly and unbelievably simple that it did not deserve the time it would take out of anyone's weekend (let alone mine) to debunk the non-sensical rantings of Hawkins.

Over a piece that can not consist of more than 1000 words he endorses a policy of chopping off drug dealers heads, reminds us that alcohol prohibition did in fact work, and attempts to convince us that drug use has risen in the Netherlands since their modern drug policy was enacted. It's an amazing article that does not deserve the attention it is getting....But since it has gotten that attention I'll point you to Balko's post at TheAgitator that has all the necessary links lined up for you.

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