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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Laws - Big Deal When the Man Makes Them - Not So Much When We Do

The following comes from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial offering it's thoughts on a raid carried out by Washington State on a medicinal marijuana dispensary. It's short enough that I can post most all of it. However, I still provide you with the obligatory link to the full editorial, here.
The blind callousness of the absurd war on drugs became once again apparent when West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team detectives last week raided the Everett office of CannaCare, a medicinal marijuana advocacy group, confiscating 1,143 cut-away plants, 195.8 grams of processed pot and private records of nearly 1,200 patients. Agents also raided the Renton home of another CannaCare associate. WestNET is a multi-jurisdictional task force with a mission to "disrupt and reduce mid- to upper-level" dealers. According to federal law, there's no such thing as medicinal marijuana. By state law, patients are allowed to have a 60-day stash -- whatever that is -- but those are the only limits outlined.

Charges have not yet been filed, but a WestNET spokesman said, "Everything is still under investigation." Maybe they'll provide evidence that CannaCare sold to non-patients, and even if they don't, well, we'll sleep better at night knowing that those ravaged by conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Cohn's disease and Hepatitis C won't have access to their medicinal spliffs. It's not like they'll die because of it. They'll just suffer more than they need to. Much more