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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Love Me Not

As a general rule I don't make fun of the dead on Tuesdays. But the walking dead are another matter. I know a lot of people who have used eHarmony. None of them have found the right person on there (probably because I'm not on there), but they at least got some dates. Most importantly, their personality profiles were not rejected for having nothing in common with the thousands of other people on the site. That's what happened to Courntey "I can't believe she's still alive" Love, at least according to a recent post on her web site:
"Gurss what? After an hour plus of this thing they tell me that two percent of
thier 'Cliermnts ar elike me and there was noone for me."
Too. Much. Material. Brain. Freeze. Good thing Liz Kelly knows what to say. Bonus gossip from Liz Kelly about Courntey Cox and Jennifer Aniston kissing on an upcoming episode of "Dirt" here.