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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Manbearpig Invades Scotland

Every school in Scotland will get a copy of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth -- not so much groundbreaking as it is groundmassaging or groundfondling -- under a plan hatched by the countrylet's government. The move coincides with a Gore visit.

One student who recently saw the movie is already making a change that illustrates the great impact Gore's movie can have on the lives of young people.
Annabelle Njenga, 16, a fifth-year pupil at Bellahouston Academy, said she had seen the film on Monday and was already thinking of changes to her lifestyle.

"I didn't think climate change was that big, but I think I'm going to throw away my mobile phone," she said.
Um, OK. If just 10,000 Scottish students throw their mobile phones in the rubbish, the earth will... the earth... um... uh...

The Gorophiles might be onto something, though. I mean, even though I've been to Loch Ness, for example, I'd never really believed in the monster. That all changed once I saw the inconvenient truth of auto ads. Now I firmly believe that certain pickup trucks are both indestructible and indigestible.

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