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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Drug War Victims

If nothing else, you can't accuse the Drug War of age discrimination. This past week in Jacksonville, Florida has brought us two dead, both by the guns of undercover narcotic officers.

Authorities are investigating the police shootings that killed Douglas "D.J." Woods III, 18, and Isaac Singletary, 80.

Police say Woods, described by family as a college hopeful who worked at two community centers, was shot dead trying to rob an undercover narcotics officer during a Jan. 20 drug sting at Sable Palms Apartments on Emerson Street. Singletary was killed Saturday - the day of Woods' funeral - after confronting undercover officers that he apparently confused for drug dealers doing their business outside his home.
The police are spewing the typical bullshit. We are only trying to protect the community, the cops involved are brave and fortunate to be alive. We do a tough job and everything was done according to procedure..etc. What they must miss however, is that it can be tough to buy that line when they are gunning down innocent elderly citizens.

I'm willing to fault the policy that starts at the top for these deaths, but I refuse to give the individual cops and their local forces a complete break. It can make opposing the Drug War seem like a futile exercise, when we can't even get to a point where we hold police officers accountable for their actions, but instead give them passes for murder. Jacksonville, or any other city in the US, should NOT be a war zone. When authorities operate with this shoot first and ask questions later mentality they are treating our neighborhoods like the Anbar Province or Baghdad. Does anyone besides a handful of bloggers care?

Via TheAgitator. Full article here.

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