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Friday, January 19, 2007

Oral Sex Leads to Positive Drug Test for Soccer Player

Disgustingly hot 22-year-old Argentine model Belen Rodriguez Cozzani is dating AC Milan striker Marco Boriello, who recently tested positive for a banned substance (cortisone).

At first Boriello had no idea why he tested positive. Soon, though, media reports revealed the cortisone was sexually transmitted, due to its appearance in a vaginal creme Rodriguez had been taking to combat a "fastidioso hongo". (That's "annoying fungus," in case you were wondering.) The story then changed a bit, with Rodriguez claiming it was due to "an ointment [Boriello] rubbed on his willy" prior to sex with Rodriguez.

Now it's back to being a vaginal creme, with the added effect that the cortisone was transmitted via cunnilingus.

You could choose to think about the utter nastiness of going down on a chick who has a yeast infection. You could. But why trouble yourself? Instead, check out some very NSFW photos of Rodriguez here and here.