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Friday, January 26, 2007

Plant Your Seed

Several times in my life I've fallen in love with a woman based on her picture on the back of a milk carton. Unfortunately, they were both on the carton because they were missing. Story of my life. But now some farmers in Wales are putting their faces on the back of milk cartons as a way of finding potential love interests. Brilliant!
Five single farmers -- three men and two women -- have become an overnight sensation in Wales by putting their photos on thousands of plastic milk containers on grocery shelves. Their "Fancy a Farmer?" stickers also list a Web site ( where potential suitors can get in touch with them.


Since the milk containers hit the stores this week, thousands of people have visited the Web site and Jones and the other farmers have begun receiving letters and dating offers at their homes -- even though they didn't publicize exactly where they live.

"The addresses are sort of vague, but the postman worked it out," he said.

Other farmers, including some in neighboring Ireland, have heard about the novel dating technique and are calling to say they wouldn't mind if their mug was on a milk carton, too.

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