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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Right to Be Offensive

I've been sick the last couple of days (probably something I caught from that 16-year-old hooker) and I leave today on a business trip (ladies: I'm a spy for the CIA), so I'm sorry that you won't be hearing much from me. I did want to quickly post something on the fall-out at Clemson University over an off-campus party that some people (who did not attend it) were offended by.
Clemson University and the NAACP said Tuesday they are investigating an off-campus party held during the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend that some considered offensive because white students drank malt liquor and at least one partygoer wore black face...Clemson President James Barker wrote in a letter to students and faculty that he was "appalled, angered and disappointed" by the party, which "appeared to mock and disparage African Americans."
I'm not going to say parties like this are OK (they are, provided Dave Chapelle is a part of it), but it's a little disturbing that university officials are getting so involved in something that took place off-campus and clearly is protected by the First Amendment. I wish school officials would come down at least as hard on students that disrupt free speech and break the law by shouting down speakers they don't like and raiding campus newspapers and destroying copies of newspapers that offend them. That's the real threat to diversity and public safety.

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