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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Round-Up - Drugs and Beckham

Random links from this week before I head off to Amsterdam for a week or so. I hope to check in here a few times, but if I don't, I want it known that I'm not pulling a ' The Intern'.

What a mom.

A Hutchinson man was convicted Monday on several drug charges after evidence showed he had 44 pounds of marijuana.

John Cantu, 23, was arrested March 1, 2005, after his mother called police to report she had found several bags of marijuana in her son's bedroom.
Full three paragraph blurb here.

Via DrugWarRant, check out this example of reporting from the Wichita Falls station, KAUZ News.

The War on Drugs, is a battle fought daily by the Wichita Falls Police Department. Who's winning that war, the police or the people on the receiving end? and what is the choice of drug-- circulating in our town? News channel six's Ashley Fitzwater takes an inside look and finds out who's controlling the battle
That's just the first paragraph. All errors - puctuation and grammar - are the sole responsibility of the original author. Must have been "Bring Your Retarded Kid to Work Day" at KAUZ.

Exciting news from LA, where it's being reported that David Beckham will sign with Major League Soccer and play for the LA Galaxy. This wasn't totally unexpected, but it's still an important move for US soccer. And if you don't already, how about supporting the only DC area team that manages to win something.