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Monday, January 22, 2007

Self-Described 'Visionary' English-Only Legislators in Nevada Make Exception for 'Pubic' Health

One former and two current Nevada legislators have an opinion piece in the Pahrump Valley Times promoting a bill to make English the official language of Nevada.

The bill would mandate that "all official proceedings, records and publications of the state of Nevada be conducted, printed and available in English."

Besides self-importantly referring to themselves as "visionar[is] in a world of lemmings embracing the status quo", the trio delve into a hysterically long list of watering-down exceptions attached to their purportedly good bill:
The bill also protects jobs by requiring that government officers must not discriminate or discharge or refuse to hire because of inability to converse in languages other than English.

Also, state agencies are required to record expenditures for providing services in languages other than English. And as a protective measure against frivolous liability lawsuits filed by those who promote wholesale access to the state coffers, no court in Nevada will have jurisdiction to hear a claim that is based solely on failure to provide copies of statures, regulations or other documents in languages other than English.

The bill provides for certain exceptions, such as state employees who need to conduct official business orally or for instructional courses that teach a foreign language or train students with limited English proficiency. There are also exceptions made where exclusive use of the English language would interfere with the judicial system and pubic health...
Yep: "pubic health". Way to go, English-only advocates!