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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Steve Jobs Can Save the Gap!

The day after the Gap announced slumping sales and general corporate desperation, Steve Jobs took the world by storm by introducing the new iPhone and iTV while clad in a classic Gap look. Jobs' flashy presentation was in San Francisco, the Gap's home town.

The Gap's problems run deep, as they no longer sell clothes that anyone over 12 wants to buy, and even they probably prefer Abercrombie. As WSJ reports,
Beaten down by two years of weak sales and earnings, Gap Inc. has begun weighing its strategic alternatives, including a possible sale of the company...
Steve Jobs in his vintage Gap look reminds us that a classic black mock turtleneck and pair of 501 jeans look really cool when you are presenting the next billion dollar product. Too bad that you can no longer buy those clothes at the Gap, as they stopped selling them long ago. Memo to the next Gap president: go to MacWorld and take notes.